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Commercial Guided Ultrasonic Wave Systems Three guided wave systems for surveying pipeline are currently in commercial use for piping inspection: MsS system, GUL wavemaker, and Teletest. خانه » Guided Wave – GUL Wavemaker Guided Ultrasonic Wave Technique (Wavemaker) Guided Wave (UT) allows a large area of pipework to be inspected from a single transducer position. Kontinuerlig nivågivare (guided wave radar) LR7000 LR0000B-BR34AQPKG/US. Kontinuerlig nivågivare (guided wave radar) 2 x LED, gul: Niv 2021-03-17 · GUIDED WAVE (GUL) Crews Needed!!!

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GWA also supports clients with guided wave testing training of personnel,data analysis, supply of accessories, and on-site training of challenging inspection situations. Guided Wave Heat Exchanger Tubing Inspection System. This system uses a specially designed probe to excite axial guided waves from the inside of the tube. The probe allows for rapid assessment without inserting a probe all of the way into the tube. Learn More Established in 1999, Guided Ultrasonics Ltd. (GUL) has been at the forefront of guided wave technology for pipe testing. Since then, the company has led the way in setting up the global standards for guided wave pipeline inspection and monitoring, and has been committed to continuous improvement to meet the needs and expectations of clients and the wider industry. GUL system, Teletest system and MsS (magnetostriction) systems can all be generally described as a ring of guided wave sensors used to generate guided waves in a pipe.

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Gul guided wave

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QSR1. The QSR1® is GUL’s new quantitative short range (QSR) device, incorporating the latest guided wave technology and hardware. The system is designed to semi‑automatically scan predefined sections of straight pipelines for corrosion under pipe supports (CUPS). GUL Training at your service!

Gul guided wave

This new system has been completely re‑engineered to build on everything that has been done before, while reducing weight by 35%, axial width by 30%, and radial height clearance to under 38mm. 2017-10-20 Guided Ultrasonics. Guided Ultrasonics Limited (GUL) was established in 1999 by members of a research team at Imperial College’s Mechanical Engineering Department and is now the global leader in the provision of guided wave pipe testing equipment, training and services. Guided Wave Testing (GWT) is a relatively new non-destructive testing (NDT) method, which has been pioneered by GUL since its incorporation and the company has led the way in setting the standard for pipeline inspection and monitoring globally.
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Also compatible with gPIMS system. Guided Wave Phased Array Plate/Shell Inspection System (Beta) From a single position, the Guidedwave phased array plate inspection and monitoring system is capable of detecting wall thickness changes within a plate like structure.

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